1.7.0-alpha Development Preview Released

We are proud to announce the release of our first development preview for the 1.7 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tuttle”.

Our goal for 1.7 is to make Xibo more user friendly and appeal to a wider audience – we feel that 1.6 has a steep learning curve and we want to flatten that out with 1.7. To help us towards that goal this “alpha” release is being made available as a very early preview – primarily for community testing.

In this release you can test the following new features:


  • Client settings driven from the server – see the Display Settings menu.
  • Extensible media modules with HTML rendering – see the Module Manual Page.
  • A new clock module with Analogue, Digital and Flip Clock varieties.
  • A new calendar.
  • Import / Export layouts.
  • Apache / Nginx Send File support in XMDS.
  • A new default CMS Theme, including a new status dashboard.
  • Standardised forms.
  • Help text on every form.
  • A new layout format to improve performance of layouts when they are scaled.
  • Zoomable layout designer.
  • Swapped the Template / Resolution functionality so that templates are optional.

Xibo for Windows

  • A new web page rendering engine based on WebKit (Chromium Embedded).
  • A SCR file that can be installed to run Xibo as a Screen Saver.
  • Simplified settings files so that two Xibo instances can be run on the same PC.
  • Improved controls for logging.

The release notes are available in the manual and the download is available on Launchpad.

We have much more planned for 1.7.0-alpha2 which we hope to release at the beginning of November.

Please Note: This is a development preview release and should not be used in production.