1.8.10 Released

1.8.10 Released

We are pleased to announce our 10th bug fix release for the 1.8 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tempel”.


Please use the links below to download this release:

You may use any 1.8 series compatible Player with this release.


The CMS can be upgraded to later versions - we recommend all users upgrade when possible to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and features. Please refer to the upgrade guide.


Google Traffic Module

Google are making changes to their Traffic API billing and terms. Please read our blog post for more information and the actions you need to take. If you do not act your Traffic Widgets may cease to function or you may face higher than expected bills for your usage from Google!

This release also improves the drop-down selection lists for Layouts, Media and Displays in the CMS. We found that in CMS instances with a large amount of Layouts, Media and/or Displays, the user interface could become unresponsive and hard to use. We have improved this by filtering and paging drop-down lists for these types of data so that they open faster.

Widget Sync

We've also made improvements to the way we manage Widget Caching and updating 3rd party resources, such as Tickers and Twitter. Please read our blog post for more information.

Calendar Module

In response to customer feedback we have included a new Module which shows an iCal feed on a Layout - the Calendar Module. To get started with this great new module take a look at our new guide on the community.

Chart Module

Adding to the work he did with Remote DataSets in 1.8.4, LukyLuke is back with another fantastic contribution. The Chart Module can be used to show various Chart types on a Layout, based on data in a DataSet (perhaps even a remote one!). Have a go yourself with our new walkthrough guide on the community.



Please find below a complete list of changes in this release.

  • Total issues resolved: 68
  • Total contributors: 5