1.8.3 Released

1.8.3 Released

We are pleased to announce our 3rd bug fix release for the 1.8 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tempel”.


Please use the links below to download this release:

You may use any 1.8 series compatible Player with this release.


The CMS can be upgraded to later versions - we recommend all users upgrade when possible to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and features. Please refer to the upgrade guide.


Changes to Display Notifications

We've removed the MAINTENANCE_ALERTS_FOR_VIEW_USERS setting in this release. This functionality is now controlled on the User/UserGroup using the "Receive Display Notifications?" checkbox. This change allows a more flexible assignment of Users/UserGroups to notifications. As with the old setting, only Users/UserGroups with "view" permissions will receive the notification.

Finance, Currencies and Stocks Widgets

The Finance, Currencies and Stocks Widgets use Yahoo's public YQL API for their data source. Unfortunately Yahoo have decided to retire this API immediately without explanation.

Therefore this release contains revised Currency/Stocks Widgets which use a new provider for their data. This provider requires registration to obtain an API key, which can then be entered in the Module settings page. The same key can be used for both Stocks and Currencies.

It is not possible to replicate the generic Finance Widget functionality with the new provider and therefore the Finance Widget is now deprecated.


  • Total issues resolved: 99
  • Total contributors: 5