1.8.9 Released

1.8.9 Released

We are pleased to announce our 9th bug fix release for the 1.8 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tempel”.


Please use the links below to download this release:

You may use any 1.8 series compatible Player with this release.


The CMS can be upgraded to later versions - we recommend all users upgrade when possible to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and features. Please refer to the upgrade guide.


Currencies Module

The Currencies Module in Xibo uses data from two 3rd party datasources, Alpha Vantage and Fixer. This release works around issues exposed in both of these data sources.

  1. Alpha Vantage Rate Limiting: despite advertising that there are no rate limits on their API, it seems that Widgets which ask for more than 5 symbols are disallowed due to rate limiting. This release recommends only 5 symbols are entered and improves caching to assist in returning data despite the rate limit.
  2. Fixer paywall: this free service exposes the ECB's 16:00 UTC published exchange rates and is used in the Currencies Module to calculate percentage change (Alpha Vantage does not support time series exchange data). Unfortunately Fixer are expanding their service to uses non ECB data and moving it behind a paywall. This release switches to a new service called https://exchangeratesapi.io/.

Widget Caching

This release fixes issues with the Widget Caching introduced in 1.8.8, in particular fixing regressions in 1.8.7 functionality. As with any big change in functionality there were unforseen consequences which have now been solved. This type of change will not be included in future minor releases. See https://blog.xibo.org.uk/releases-and-software-versions/.


Please find below a complete list of changes in this release.

  • Total issues resolved: 11
  • Total contributors: 2