2.1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce our first release for the 2.1 version of Xibo. The codename for this version is “Brooks”.

The 12P/Pons–Brooks comet was discovered 12 July 1812 and has an orbital period of 70.85 years. It will next be closest to Earth in 2024.

2.1 has 3 focus points:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Proof of Play On/Off, Aggregation and Reporting
  • Tagging

Two Factor Authentication

In this release a user can protect their login to the CMS with Two Factor Authentication, via either Google Authenticator or Email.

When configured, the User will be asked to complete a two factor challenge by entering a code at login.

Proof of Play

2.1 brings improvements to the Proof of Play statistics collection, storage and presentation.

The following new 2.1 features are available:

  • Layout/Media and Widget settings to control whether statistics are collected for an item.
  • Collection Aggregation settings on the Display Settings Profile to configure Hourly/Daily/Individual statistics aggregation (Please note: this requires a supported Player).
  • Introduced a MongoDB statistics storage module for high-volume stats collection.

Migrating existing proof of play statistics on upgrade

If you have an existing CMS instance and upgrade to 2.1, your existing statistics will be temporarily unavilable while Xibo updates them.

On upgrade, Xibo copies all stat records into a stat_archive table, and then migrates them into the new format in the background. This may take some time if you have a lot of accumulated records.

If MongoDB is configured then stats are migrated from stat and stat_archive into MongoDB.


We have also added a Tag administration screen where a user can now see and manage all tags in the system.
Values can also be collected with tags by configuring predefined options.


Please use the links below to download this release:

You may use any v2 compatible Player with this patch. At the time of writing these are the latest:

1.8 series Players will also function but please be aware that new v2 features will not be supported.

Future development

Beyond 2.1 we've begun developing 2.2, which will focus on making improvements to the Scheduling capabilities of Xibo.