2.3.3 Released

2.3.3 Released

We are pleased to announce our third patch for the 2.3 version of Xibo. The codename for this version is “Wolf”.

14P/Wolf is a periodic comet with an orbital period of 8.74a (Julian years). Max Wolf (Heidelberg, Germany) discovered the comet on September 17, 1884. It is particularly interesting as its perihelion and orbital period change due to the influcence of Jupiter.

This release fixes 8 issues.

Weather Widget

DarkSky has been Xibo's source of weather data for several years, but unfortunately this has come to an end. DarkSky have been bought by Apple and have closed their doors to new API sign-ups, see 2180: Weather: DarkSky has been bought by Apple and is no-longer taking accounts.

Users of Xibo who already have a DarkSky API key will retain access until the end of 2021. Xibo in the Cloud users do not need to take action as this has been handled as part of your Cloud subscription.

We have chosen Open Weather Map API as our replacement to the DarkSky API. Open Weather Map offer a similar plan to DarkSky - please visit the website to get an API key. Enter your Open Weather Map API key on the Forecast/Weather module edit form.



Please use the links below to download this release:

You may use any v2 compatible Player with this release. At the time of writing these are the latest:

1.8 series Players will also function but please be aware that new v2 features will not be supported.


Future development

Our focus from now will be to move ahead with the development of Xibo version 3, which will be our Interactive Signage release!