A move to OpenID and MediaWiki

In the interest of streamlining the Xibo Projects documentation and development efforts we have taken two steps.

Firstly we have a new Wiki (http://wiki.xibo.org.uk) which replaces the old “Labs” pages (http://labs.xibo.org.uk/blueprints).

We will be using this new wiki for:

  • Developer Documentation
  • Feature Specifications
  • Guidelines and FAQ
  • User Manual

We will be using the Wiki in conjunction with Launchpad (https://launchpad.net/xibo). Launchpad will remain the system for Answers, Blueprints (linked to Wiki), Bugs and Code. The old content from the labs pages will be gradually moved over to the new Wiki over the next few days.


This site, the wiki and Launchpad all use OpenID for authentication. This is great news for regular users and contributors as it means you can use your existing OpenID account for Launchpad to access this site and the Wiki!

We have also enabled OpenID for the commenting system on this site – which means you no longer need to wait for approval if you have an OpenID.