Additional Bulk Actions in Xibo v3!

Additional Bulk Actions in Xibo v3!

In the previous installment of our Quick Wins blog series, the latest improvements to User Groups in Xibo v3. In this blog we will touch on using the additional bulk actions available in the latest CMS.

Many actions throughout the CMS can be performed in bulk using the With Selected option at the bottom of Grids.

v3 has a variety of actions included which can be performed in bulk for a quicker and easier process!

Select multiple rows by clicking to highlight and then use the With Selected menu...


...and click on the action you wish to perform!

Available actions will differ dependant on the page selected and Features that have been set for a User. Take a test drive of v3 todayby signing up to a free Cloud Trial!

Up next...Automatically Submitting Forms in v3!

Need to upgrade to the latest CMS version? Take a look at the Xibo 3.0.3 Release Notes and download.