Blueprints and Developments

Dan and I spent about 4 hours today going though all the Blueprints (feature requests) we’ve had since releasing Xibo, and considering them for inclusion in the 1.0 and 1.1 series.

I think here it’s worth explaining how we’re going to proceed after 1.0.0 is released.

  • 1.0.x will be stable releases of Xibo, and will have no new features. We will continue to backport bug fixes in to this series. Only the current Windows .net client will be available for use with 1.0.x (officially anyhow!). You can see a list of bugs and blueprints that we have targeted for 1.0.0 here:
  • 1.1.x will be an unstable development series. This is where all the development work for 1.2.x will happen. There will be releases of 1.1, but they will not be recommended for production systems. We’ve got lots of good stuff lined up for the 1.1 (and ultimately 1.2) series. You can see what we have targeted so far here:
  • 1.2.x will be the next stable release series for Xibo replacing the 1.0.x series of releases. This will be the culmination of the 1.1 series, and will almost certainly be preceded by some release candidates (as 1.0.0 was)

Items we’ve targetted for 1.0.0 are pretty well finalised now, and we hope to release 1.0.0 fairly soon. Items we’ve proposed as goals for the 1.1 series are far more fluid, and may slip.

Thanks to everyone who has filed bugs, written or suggested blueprints.