Built for the Xibo CMS, Xibo for webOS!

Built for the Xibo CMS, Xibo for webOS!

We are very pleased to announce the release of our new commercial player Xibo for webOS. This native Player has been built in partnership with Intelligent Media, an ‘LG webOS for Signage’ platform solution partner, resulting in a ‘system on chip’ Xibo player that runs on commercial LG webOS SoC displays. Xibo for webOS is fully compatible with the open source Xibo CMS and can run against on-premise CMS or Xibo in the Cloud.

This Player is compatible with specific LG webOS SoC displays to provide the benefit of a simplified installation whilst lowering the total cost of ownership. A ‘system on chip’ monitor specifically intended for digital signage, with no external player, saves space, reduces energy consumption, minimises points of failure and reduces maintenance costs.

As with our Xibo for Android Player, Xibo for webOS does attract a one-off licence fee for each monitor that you wish to deploy. Xibo for webOS licences are valid for each major version purchased and for a modest upgrade fee you can still benefit from all the features each future major release will bring.

For further details with regards to white labelling services and licence fees for Xibo for webOS please do visit our shop, or please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you!