C++ Developer Needed

Work on the Linux (soon to be cross-platform) client continues to progress well. As more people are coming on board and testing the app, it’s become clear that the browser embedding technology (Awesomium – which recently converted from GPL to a closed license) is beginning to hold us back and is causing problems in some areas.

Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of Berkelium. It does a similar job to Awesomium but is BSD licensed and builds against far newer versions of Chrome. What we would need is BrowserNode (a libavg plugin) ported to use Berkelium as the backend.

Neither Dan nor I are C++ developers. If someone out there knows a bit of C++ and would be willing to convert us over the help would be appreciated immensely. Please get in touch via info@xibo.org.uk and we’ll do all we can to assist.