Features and Sharing in v3!

Features and Sharing in v3!

In our last post we looked at Expiry Dates. In part 11 of our quick wins series we look at the Features and Sharing concepts in v3 which replace the Permissions model found in earlier versions.

Control what Users can access and how they can interact with objects using a combination of Features and Sharing settings!

Features control areas of access for a User/User Group throughout the CMS...


...by enabling/disabling Features in each "Feature Set" within the separate tabs.

Share options are found on user objects such as Folders, Media, Layouts, Displays etc...


...where you can apply View, Edit and Delete options for Users/User Groups.

Take a look at the Features and Sharing manual page for further details!

Have you yet to upgrade to the latest version of the Xibo CMS? Take a look at our Xibo v3.0.2 Release notes and upgrade today!