We are getting GDPR ready!

The General Data Protection Regulation will replace the existing Data Protection Act 1998 and bring the UK in line with data protection law and best practices across the EU.
Advances in technology and the growing amount of personal data generated has led to a need to update the existing law to provide better data protection for all.

GDPR and your consent, what does this mean?
The new GDPR legislation is far-reaching, and amongst the new requirements are stricter rules surrounding email communications.

We must have your consent in order to contact you regarding products and services we think may be of interest.
We must also make it easy for you to update your preferences incase you change your mind later.

So what next?
We have included consent options at time of purchase where you can elect to opt in to be kept informed by email along with options to subscribe to specific product information.

These preferences can be updated at any time from the Customer portal > My Account section. Our emails also contain unsubscribe links allowing you to choose to opt out of further mailings.

Over the coming weeks we will be contacting customers regarding email consent options to ensure that mailings from Xibo at Spring Signage are sent only to customers that have explicitly given consent. We will also be publishing our updated privacy policy over the coming month.

Transactional emails which contain information that completes a transaction or process such as invoice reminders do not require consent.

We will always endeavour to only share information with you that we feel is relevant and useful and will never share your personal details with other companies for marketing purposes.

Thank you from us all here at Xibo for your continued support!