Introducing Xibo

Xibo (pronounced eX-ee-bow) is an an open source, multi-display, multi-zone, fully scheduled digital signage solution controlled from a centrally managed web interface.

It allows the central management of a network of digital display units (projectors, LCD TVs etc), even across the Internet.

There are two components to Xibo. First is the web management interface. This is where all content is uploaded and scheduled. It’s written in PHP, runs on GNU/Linux or Windows servers and stores its data in a MySQL database.

The second component is a client application, installed on a low-powered computer that drives each digital display (note you could drive lots of screens from a single Xibo Display via VGA splitters, RF converters etc). This pulls content from the Xibo server via a web service. Since all the content is cached locally, the client can be disconnected from the server for extended periods of time – ideal for remote sites where WAN links are not reliable.