Interactive Actions - Navigate to Widget

Interactive Actions - Navigate to Widget

Our last blog touched on using Web Hooks with Interactive Actions as part of our Xibo v3 quick wins series. In part 4 of the series, we look at Navigating to Widgets.

Actions can be created so that on triggering, a selected Widget will be shown on the Layout.

First, Widgets to be used with Actions need to be added to the Layout using the Interactive Drawer from the Layout Designer:


Click on a Widget that has been added to the drawer to open the Edit Options form to configure. Select a Region, to show the Widget in once triggered, using the dropdown menu.


Now Add and Create the Action and select the Widget from the drop down menu


Set Region as Target and you will see the Target Region populate with your selection!

Take a look at our Interactive Actions manual page to view all options available!

Coming introduction to Folders in v3!

Have you upgraded to the latest version of the Xibo CMS yet? Take a look at the Xibo 3.0.1 Release Notes to download now.