Introducing a new region Timeline editing window

The next article in the run up to 1.4 looks at improvements to the region timeline editor and layout preview. Our intentions with these improvements are:

[![](/content/images/2012/06/NewVerticalTimeLine-300x166.png "Vertical Timeline")](/content/images/2012/06/NewVerticalTimeLine.png)
The vertical timeline is a sortable list
  • To make the region time line more consistent, easy to understand and allow it to support more media modules
  • Simplify re-ordering the items in the timeline
  • Make it easier to add new items from the library
  • To make the region preview reflect the client more closely

Region Timeline

The region timeline has been re-designed to use a vertical list of “media nodes” which are all the same fixed height. The module add buttons are repositioned to the left hand side, and a simple text preview is positioned on the right hand side, on hover.

In addition all of the media nodes in the timeline can be dragged and sorted like a list, they will not be saved in their new order until the “re-order” button is clicked, allowing the user to make more than one change at a time. Also the media nodes automatically flow around the one that is being re-ordered. Making the entire process more elegant.

[![](/content/images/2012/06/AssignFromTheLibrary-300x108.png "Assign media from the Library")](/content/images/2012/06/AssignFromTheLibrary.png)
Available media and media to assign are shown in two lists
The same is true when the user comes to assigning media from the library. The interface has been improved to used a 2-list style interface of available/assigned media. Items can be dragged and dropped from the available list to the assignment list and re-ordered before assignment.

Region Preview

Where possible the region preview has been updated to better reflect the options selected for each media item. This will allow greater accuracy between what is designed using the editor and what is seen on the actual display client.

These updates are a small set in the right direction for our layout designer – our hope is that they are well received, but as always we welcome any comments and discussion over on Launchpad Answers.