Introducing an Improved Permissions Model

[![](/content/images/2012/05/permissions-212x300.png "Permissions Dialog")](/content/images/2012/05/permissions.png)
Permissions Dialog
The next article in the run up to 1.4 stable release will take a look at the improvements made to the permissions model in Xibo. There has been long running confusion over the permissions in Xibo and hopefully this will now be addressed. We have improved the permissions model in 1 key way – allowed users and administrators to set view, edit and delete permissions on:
  • Library Media
  • Layouts
  • Regions in Layouts
  • Media on Region Timelines
  • DataSets
  • Display Groups
  • Displays

All of these items have the permissions set in the same way, via a simple to use dialog showing groups and users. In addition to this all permissions are validated with each form load, or save button clicked so you can guarentee “real time” modifications to the permissions on items.

Here are some key facts about the new system:

  • The Highest permission is used (if a user belongs to 2 groups, one has edit permissions and the other doesn’t – the user will have edit permissions)
  • Permissions are tested with each transaction
  • Permissions on an item can only be changed by the owner or a super administrator (for displays and display groups that have no owner, this is super admin only)

These permissions are then reflected in all tables, forms, lists and on the layout designer.


We hope that these improved permissions will make it easier to manage Xibo, particularly in environments where there are many users accessing the system. As always, all comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated over on Launchpad Answers.