Introducing Folders in Xibo v3

Introducing Folders in Xibo v3

Our last blog touched on Navigating to Widgets as part of our Xibo v3 quick wins series. In part 5 of the series, we look at Introducing Folders in Xibo v3.

Folders are a brand new feature designed to give easier control over the access and organisation of all Library Media as well as Layouts, Campaigns,Templates,Displays and Display Groups!

Shown in Grids, Folders can be created with a simple right click.


Give your Folder a name and right click to set Share options for Users/User Groups...

share_options View/Edit/Delete all objects placed in the Folder.


With Share options set, everything added to that Folder will inherit the set options making it even easier to enable access to Users for multiple objects in just a few clicks.


Check out the Folders Administration page for further information!

Up next...a look at using Folder searches in grids!

Not upgraded to the latest version of the Xibo CMS yet? Visit our Xibo CMS 3.0.1 Release Notes blog to download it now.