Introducing new features for Service Providers

[![Usage statistics in the Settings Window](/content/images/2012/06/saas-settings-view-usage-300x277.jpg "Usage statistics")](/content/images/2012/06/saas-settings-view-usage.jpg)
Usage statistics can be found in the Settings Window under the Content tab
The next article in the run up to 1.4 looks at some small new features for people that use Xibo as service providers. It is difficult to tell how many use Xibo in this manner, as not many come forward – but those that do have mentioned that it would be nice to have a way to manage limits on the library file size and monthly bandwidth usage.

We have completed this work by virtue of two new settings in the settings table (LIBRARY_SIZE_LIMIT_KB & MONTHLY_XMDS_TRANSFER_LIMIT_KB) – these are not available through the user interface.

If no limits are entered, everything continues to work as before… however once a limit is entered Xibo will start validating against these limits, and when they are exceeded will prevent the upload of new media / updates to clients.

A visual queue is provided on the settings page. In the future we will extend this to also include a bandwidth chart, and some metrics on the dashboard.

Hope this is useful to service providers… both those we know about and those we don’t! As usual, comments and thoughts are appreciated over on Launchpad Answers.