Transforming Digital Signage Advertising with Xibo Adspace

Transforming Digital Signage Advertising with Xibo Adspace

Introducing Xibo Adspace, a simple, intelligent marketplace for Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising.

Xibo Signage is excited to announce the launch of our new Digital Out-of-Home Advertising solution - Xibo Adspace. This unique digital signage network brings together digital displays from across the world, in all shapes, sizes and locations. Creating a unique Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising marketplace.

What is Xibo Adspace?

Xibo Adspace is an advertising marketplace for digital signage. Bringing Advertisers closer to consumers.

Adspace is a fully-featured digital out-of-home advertising platform (DOOH platform), which comprises of four key capabilities.

Private Marketplace

Create campaign proposals, send them to prospective advertisers you know, manage changes and automate ad placement. Private Marketplace helps display owners effectively manage their estate and remove the need for manual management.

Adspace Marketplace

A unique marketplace enabling advertisers to programmatically purchase and place advertisements across the available Adspace inventory. Adspace delivers workflow management and image recognigtion to provide display owners with complete control, while providing advertisers the inventory they need to reach customers and insights to continually improve engagement.

Are you an advertiser? Create a campaign today on Adspace Marketplace and elevate your marketing to the next level.

Xibo Connect

Xibo Adspace allows display owners to easily connect their Xibo Content Management System and all associated displays. From here owners can set profiles and preferences, enable advertising creatives to be delivered to their displays and manage their inventory in an easy and automated fashion.


Xibo Adspace Analytics gives measured, demonstrable proof of play and performance. This enables users to view key data points on their activities.

And this is just the start! Xibo Adspace is a fully featured platform and we are continuously adding new capabilities and innovations.

What makes us different?

We are focused on enabling outcomes for our customers, not talking in rhymes, riddles, or acronyms. Xibo Adspace, has been built to make it easy for advertisers, digital marketers and display owners alike, to achieve their goals.

We offer simple and easy to use self-service tools with the automation of key processes like ad placement, running of campaigns and ad purchasing.

Xibo Adspace has also been built to seamlessly integrate with the Xibo Signage Content Management System which is perfect for digital display owners.

The benefits

Xibo Adspace has been built to simplify digital out-of-home advertising for digital display owners and bring advertisers closer to consumers.

Here are some of the key benefits that we think make Xibo Adspace great:

Join a growing community

We are better together than alone - at Xibo, we strongly believe that by enabling advertisers to access a greater selection of display inventory, we can take digital out-of-home advertising to a new dimension. By doing so we can increase the interest in your display advertising space, and maximise revenue potential for you.

Our marketplace allows advertisers to access a greater selection of display inventory. This growing community means there is greater potential for interest in your advertising space, and more opportunities for you to maximise your revenue potential.

Automate and earn

Whether you have one display or thousands, by automating the selling, purchasing, and placement of ads, as well as revenue collection, Xibo Adspace significantly simplifies operations, and in many cases reduces the costs . So you can focus on your business.

The right place at the right time

The extensive range of digital signage real-estate available through Xibo Adspace, enables you to create campaigns that target your demographic, location, venue, type of display, and more. With such breadth of locations and venues, you can reach your audience in the right place at the right time.

Optimise performance

Maximise your revenue potential using the Xibo Adspace performance reporting suite, tweak pricing requirements, and profile settings to ensure you get the most from your display network.

Optimise your campaign performance and improve your return on ad spend, using the Xibo Adspace analytics suite.

Why now?

Digital out-of-home advertising transforms the traditional method of static advertising posters into digital format. DOOH provides consumers with dynamic, engaging and relevant ads at the right time and the right place!

The digital side of the out-of-home market is set to continue to grow at an exponential rate, predicted to reach 24% by 2021 (Source:Rapport). According the DPAA media planner survey, 61% of media planners included DOOH in their plans in the prior 12 months, and 94% plan to spend the same or more in the coming three years (Source: Rapport).

Further studies show that Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is driving engagement, enabling advertisers to target their audiences like never before and generate a return on investment.

Now is the time for DOOH Advertising!

Get started

We’d love to have a chat with you about how you can start your Digital Signage Advertising journey with Xibo Adspace. Visit the Xibo Adspace website to learn more about this new solution and reach out to the Xibo Adspace team at to get started.

Are you an advertiser? Create a campaign today on Adspace Marketplace and elevate your marketing to the next level.