Linux Player - 1.8 R5 Released

The team at Xibo Signage are pleased to announce that our fifth release of the new Xibo Player for Linux is now ready. This release works with Xibo CMS version 1.8.12 or later.

The Xibo Player for Linux supports a sub-set of Xibo's overall features which can be connected to a v2 CMS to benefit from the new Layout Designer interface and options.


Currently there is no support for the v2 Player exclusive features, but we will be working hard over the coming weeks and months to bring this Player up to a full feature set.

See what is currently supported by viewing our road map available in GitHub.

Please note: In this release we have removed "gstreamer-bad-plugins" support due to stability concerns, and as a result some less common video codecs are no longer supported.

12 issues and fixes have been addressed in this release, the main focus being stability improvements.

Install/Upgrade the Xibo Player

Please follow our installation guide for a walkthrough on how to install/upgrade or uninstall the Xibo for Linux Player.

Known issues and bugs

There are some known issues with this player which are recorded in our issue tracker. We ask that any questions related to the Player are directed into our community forum.


All changes in this release:


We'd love to accept contributions to this players development, whether that be by fixing a bug or implementing one of the missing features. The repository is available on GitHub, as is the Contributors Licence Agreement.

The player is under active development, so we ask that before starting any issue you liaise with the team in the issue comments to make sure we aren't duplicating our work.