.NET Client Improvements

Xibo is moving towards a cross-platform client written in Python. The cross-platform client is shaping up to be a very polished Xibo player. However it is not here yet and we realise that there are a few rough edges to the .NET client.

With the pending release of 1.0.3 comes a few improvements and tweaks to the .NET client that should iron out the rough edges.

Reduce Screen Flicker

The screen flicker occurred mainly in 2 places, when a layout first loaded and also when a new media item was shown within a layout. In both scenarios this flicker has been solved with Image based media and significantly improved with Text based media.

Performance Issues

A number of reported memory leak issues and performance issues when submitting stats have also been improved. We have ensured that many of the places for potential “exceptions” to occur in the application which would have caused a restart, have been fixed.

Watch out for the release of 1.0.3 later on today! We hope you enjoy the improvements to the .NET client.