New 'User Password Settings' in 1.8.12

New 'User Password Settings' in 1.8.12

Our recent release gives you two great settings that can be enabled for User Passwords.

Forgotten your Password? - Reset at login.

Save time and enable a link to be made available to Users who have forgotten their Password so they do not have to wait for this to be reset by a Super Admin in order to gain access to the CMS. With this enabled, a User can simply click on the link to send a Password Reset Notification to their saved email address.

This feature can be activated by Super Admin Users by navigating to Settings under the Administration section of the Menu and selecting the Users tab.


Force Password Change at next login.

Ensure that new Users update the Password first given to them the next time they log in to the CMS. This option is set at the individual User level by accessing Users under the Administration section of the Menu. Edit the User record and select Force Password Change from the Options tab.


Two helpful features to help you get the best out of Xibo!