Player license pricing changes

Player license pricing changes

The context
We’re making some changes to our player license pricing!
COVID-19 has created significant challenges for businesses across the globe, driving an increased need to be cost-conscious, minimise initial outlay of funds and spread the cost.

Xibo has always been committed to lowering barriers to entry, providing best-in-class capabilities at compelling and cost-effective rates. In January 2019 we introduced subscription pricing for our commercial players (Android, webOS and Tizen), and our Xibo in the Cloud offering. This allows customers to purchase any of these products on an annual or monthly subscription basis, helping to reduce the upfront costs that would exist on perpetual player licenses.

Over recent years here at Xibo, we have substantially increased the capabilities and features across Xibo products, and increased the range of platforms supported with webOS and Tizen added to our commercial players. Recently we added geo-scheduling and we’re in the midst of extending native interactive functionality too. So Xibo brings best-in-class capability at cost-effective price points.

What’s changing?
To support businesses and organisations that have digital signage requirements and want to spread the costs, we are decreasing our subscription pricing by 21% on Android and 12% on webOS and Tizen players. This change will take effect from 21st of May 2020, and apply to both annual and monthly subscriptions.

A summary of the subscription license pricing changes is shown below:

Please Note - licenses purchased on a monthly subscription basis, are subject to minimum volumes.

Pricing for perpetual licensing will be increasing by 10%, but due to the challenges facing the global economy, we are delaying this change until at least September 2020. This will be the first time since the release of these products that we've raised prices.

A summary of the Perpetual license pricing changes is shown below:

The big benefits of our subscription licenses
Spreading the costs monthly or annually is a major benefit of course, but our subscription licenses have more big benefits. Here are a couple:

All major and minor version releases and bug fixes are included for free. We generally release a major version every 12-18 months, so for any customer that wants to stay current, this is a great benefit.

With Subscription, you can scale up and down the number of licenses as needed with ease. This means you can manage short term peaks in demand e.g. for events or seasonal periods, and scale back when they’re not needed.

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