Python Client 1.1.0a22 Preview Released

I’ve merged down version 1.1.0a22 of the Python client this afternoon.

There’s multiple fixes, plus the addition of Microblog search, screen rotation and transparent Webpage media backgrounds.

All the details for getting and running the client are available in the wiki here:

There’s no server support for Microblog search or the background transparency options available at the moment. Support will be added in 1.1.1. In the mean time you can use if you’re desperate – but we won’t be supporting that branch at all as those features will be officially added to the 1.1 series only.

Information on the rotation options is here:

Please remember this is still a preview release. It’s not feature complete and still has bugs in it. It should not be used in a Production Environment.  Have a look at this article to see what we mean by that and to understand the Xibo release cycles.