Scheduling in 1.8 - Always means Always!

Scheduling Always means just that… Always!

You want your displays to show content all the time such as a welcome message in your reception area?  Selecting Always in scheduling will do just that!

One of the many new and exciting features of 1.8 is Always Scheduling. This will ensure that the Campaign or Layout selected will Always be scheduled.  Content will Always be shown on your displays.
Gone is the need to specify end dates as Always means Always!

The Always icon will show in your schedule…

And show Always until you decide to remove it!

Scheduling your regular content rotation as Always rather than scheduling the Default Layout will ensure that your Player has your real Default Layout to show when new content is being downloaded or if there’s ever a problem.  Useful for when you need to modify existing layouts!

With so many new features in 1.8  it’s hard to stop exploring!! 😀