Subscription pricing is here!

At Xibo we have a big plan, which is to make digital signage available to everyone! We want every business and organisation to be able to leverage the benefits that digital signage can bring. That is why we have introduced subscription pricing for our commercial players and hosting products.

What does this mean?

To put it simply, you can now purchase our Android, webOS and Tizen commercial players on an annual or monthly basis, and remove the upfront expenditure. And the same applies for our Xibo in the Cloud product.

If you prefer you can still purchase our licenses on a perpetual basis, choose whichever model is best for your business.

Stay current with free upgrades

If you are not already convinced, bug fixes, minor and major software version upgrades are available also for free. As you are on a subscription, you can keep up to date with the latest Xibo releases at no extra cost.

Some pricing examples

Here are some examples of what you would pay per display (excluding applicable taxes).

  • One Android display license = $18 per year or $1.50 per month
  • One webOS or Tizen display license = $72 per year or $6 per month
  • One Xibo in the Cloud display slot = $20.40 per year or $1.70 per month

So if you had 10 Android displays with Xibo in the cloud, that would cost just $32 per month. Bargain right?

Note: Examples use pricing on 25/01/2019, please check the shop the latest pricing. Taxes may apply.

Minimum volumes do apply for monthly purchases as per below.

  • For Android you need to purchase 10 or more display licenses
  • For Xibo in the cloud you will need to purchase 10 or more display slots
  • For webOS and Tizen you will need to purchase 3 or more display licenses.

Get started

Visit our shop and get started. Or if you need help, get in touch with our sales team on