Using Overlay Layouts in 1.8

Another great feature in Xibo 1.8 series is the use of Overlay Layouts. This spotlight article aims to show you what they are and how they can improve your signage. »

Why do we recommend Docker?

Since the 1.8.0-rc1 release, the project has been advocating the use of Docker containers to ease installation. This article explains the reasoning behind that decision, and gives insights in to the benefits that that affords. »

Native v HTML Digital Signage: Which is best?

With two distinct types of Digital Signage player software available, it is often a topic of conversation as to which is best? With industry trends once pointing towards HTML, and with the promise of universal, completely flexible signage, (specifically with the release of HTML5) you may »

Scheduling your content with Dayparts in 1.8

Dayparting – schedules your content to the Right people, Right place, Right time! So what is Dayparting? Just like in broadcast programming Dayparting allows your scheduled content to be shown the to the right people, on the right day at the right time.  Create and schedule your »

Scheduling in 1.8 - Always means Always!

Scheduling Always means just that… Always! You want your displays to show content all the time such as a welcome message in your reception area?  Selecting Always in scheduling will do just that! One of the many new and exciting features of 1.8 is Always »