Upgrading Players in 1.8.12

Upgrading Players in 1.8.12

We have looked at how we can make Upgrading Players that little bit easier in the CMS without the need for User's having to select many Displays or Display Groups to do a simple Player Version upgrade, and so we have done exactly that...

Once the latest Player Version has been downloaded from the Download Centre upload to the CMS from the Player Versions page of the CMS menu...


...navigate to Display Settings to edit the appropriate Display Profile, from the Advanced tab select the Version using the drop down.


All Displays assigned to that Display Profile will download the new version and install it during the next configured download and upgrade window!

We have also included a Player Version Override option for Displays you wish to run an alternate version. Simply assign a different Player Version for selected Displays before upgrading the Player Version on the Display Profile.


Please note: Windows Player upgrades are not supported in this way.To upgrade Windows Players you will need to install the new version as detailed in the Installation Manual.

Full information on Upgrading Players can be found in our Administrator Manual