User Groups - Improvements with Xibo v3

User Groups - Improvements with Xibo v3

Last week we looked at creating new users in the CMS using an easy to use Onboarding Wizard. Part 13 of the quick wins series looks at the latest improvements to User Groups in Xibo v3.

User Groups are an easy way to configure a set of Features and Share options which can then be applied to multiple Users.

The v3 CMS has pre-configured User Groups which have the required Features enabled to match the specified role....


...or create your own User Groups and use the Row Menu to set the Features to apply.


You can even opt to have your created User Groups available to select to make Onboarding new Users an even easier process!


Please note: Pre-configured User Groups are available for new v3 installations and for users who upgrade to v3 who have not previously utilised User Groups in earlier versions!

Check out our User Manual to read more about User Groups

To take full advantage of all the v3 features, upgrade to the lastest version of the Xibo CMS. Read our Xibo v3.0.2 Release notes for further information and upgrade today!