Weather Tiles - New Widget for Xibo v3

Weather Tiles - New Widget for Xibo v3

We hope you are enjoying this Quick Wins for Xibo v3 blog series. If you missed the last blog, we touched on Folder Search in Xibo v3. In part 7 of the series, we look at Weather Tiles, which is a new widget for Xibo v3.

Utilise the new Weather Tiles widget to not only easily display a forecast using a selection of preset Templates...

preset_forecast also allows you to include your own images uploaded to the library...

background_templates replace the default weather backgrounds.


Take a look at the Weather Tiles manual page to start using it in your Layouts today!

Coming next...World Clock Widget!

Not upgraded to the latest version of the Xibo CMS yet? Visit our Xibo v3.0.1 Release Notes blog to download it now.