Xibo 1.2.0 has arrived!

Xibo 1.2.0 is ready for download.

Download it here https://launchpad.net/xibo/1.2/1.2.0
Release notes are here https://xibo.org.uk/manual-tuttle/en/release_notes_1.2.0

If you’re still using Xibo 1.0 series then 1.2.0 has a host of new features – we’ll go through the main ones here:


1.2.0 adds support for translating the web interface in to other languages. We currently distribute 24 language translations – some complete and some partial translations.

Xibo will automatically select the appropriate language to display based on your browser language preferences.

We couldn’t ship translations without the help of everyone who has contributed translated language strings. Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has taken the time to add strings to the database. If you find that Xibo is partially or poorly translated in your language, or you find that Xibo isn’t available in your language at all, you can contribute or update translations via Launchpad at https://translations.launchpad.net/xibo

We synchronise updated strings from Launchpad for each new release of Xibo, so your changes will be included for Xibo 1.2.1. There remain some parts of the interface that it isn’t possible to translate at the moment. We’re aware of this and will work towards full translatability in the 1.3 series.

Display Groups

Displays can now be organised in to groups and content scheduled against those groups. This is especially helpful where there are large numbers of clients displays.


The permissions system has been overhauled so that users can be members of multiple groups and can have permission to schedule content on individual displays or display groups.

Updated Scheduler

New Schedule View ScreenshotThe Schedule page has been overhauled to better support large numbers of displays. A month view calendar is shown on to which you can overlay the schedule of any combination of displays or groups of displays.

Updates to the add/edit schedule interface to use AJAX make the process of scheduling content faster and easier.

New Webservice Framework

The whole webservice code has been overhauled to use PHP’s own SOAP server library. The old webservice used nuSOAP which is no longer actively developed and persistently logged spurious error messages to the Xibo log. The new webservice framework also lays the foundations for an API published by a second webservice to allow the development of remote authoring tools, mobile management tools, and integration with other systems.

Microblog Search Media

This adds a new media type which displays the output of searching Identi.ca and/or Twitter in a region in a similar fashion to RSS Tickers. There is currently only client support in the Python client for this media type. See our blogpost for an overview of what this media type can be used to do. There is documentation for the new module in the manual.

Copy Layouts

It’s now possible to duplicate an existing layout.

Maintenance and Alerts

Xibo can now send you an email if there is a problem with a client. Old logs and statistics can be automatically purged. Information on setting up maintenance is available here. It’s strongly recommended that you setup maintenance to run periodically.

.net Client Size and Positioning

The .net client can now run windowed. You can also manually select the position and size of the window that it runs in. This allows you to manually select which screen the client opens on in dual screen configurations.

.net Client 64bit Flash Support

Flash media items should now work on 64 bit versions of Windows

Schedule Lookahead

Xibo clients will now download 48 hours worth of schedule information from the server at each connection. This allows the clients to switch layouts in the absence of a Xibo server (for example if their network connection is unavailable). The .net client will also now change layouts precisely to the schedule sent from the server (within 10 seconds).

Thank you

We couldn’t release Xibo without the help we get from you, the Xibo community. Particular thanks goes to everyone who reported bugs, submitted patches or donated money.