Xibo for Android 1.4 R30 is now available

Today we’re announcing 1.4 R30 of the Xibo for Android client!

The client is still available on a free 14 day no obligation trial and available to purchase directly from our website at https://springsignage.com/xibo-for-android/. The application is also available directly from our download centre.

Instructions for upgrading from an earlier release can be found in the FAQ. It’s also well worth having a look at the Android Manual.

Issues Resolved in this release:

  • Stability Improvements.
  • Problems with the client crashing to the home screen when unsupported videos were scheduled.
  • Fixes for the collection interval and action bar time out duration being ignored.
  • Fixed restarting in offline mode.
  • Fixed occasional crash to the home screen when manually checking for a licence.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.