Xibo for webOS - Request for BETA testers

Xibo for webOS - Request for BETA testers

This beta is now closed.
To download a free trial of Xibo for webOS or for licence purchases, please use the following link: https://xibo.org.uk/xibo-for-webos

The team at Xibo are very pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Xibo for webOS for Signage; a native “system-on-chip” Xibo player for webOS signage monitors. This is a commercial player built in partnership with Intelligent Media and will require a device licence after the beta period.

Xibo for webOS will run on the SM5C and SM5D series or associated webOS series of LG monitors, running webOS 3.0 for Signage or higher. This player comes with all the features of the existing Xibo player offerings, without any external player hardware requirements.

We are looking for applicants to the private beta testing program and encourage anyone interested to email sales@springsignage.com to request access to the beta. Beta testers will need to provide their own compatible LG monitor and be running a Xibo 1.8.2 CMS (free demonstration instances available on the Xibo Cloud). Please include a brief summary of your use-case and whether you already have compatible hardware in your message.

Supported monitors when running firmware 04.30.90 or later:

D Series

  • 55EG5CD
  • 32/43/49/55/65SM5D
  • 32/43/49/55/65SM5KD

C Series

  • 65EE5PC
  • 55EF5C, 55EV5C
  • 55EH5C
  • 55EJ5C
  • 65EV5C
  • 42/49/55LS73C
  • 42/49/55LS75C
  • 42/49/55LS73D
  • 43/49/55SM3C
  • 32/43/49/55/65SM5C
  • 32/43/49/55/65SM5KC
  • 49/55/65UH5C
  • 55XE3C
  • 75XF3C
  • 75XS2C

We will be asking for general feedback and any issues during the beta program, as well as bug reports if you find something not working quite right. Please make sure you have the time to provide two detailed feedback reports, which we will ask for during the course of the program.

The program will run until the end of November 2017, at which point devices using the test player will require a full licence for continued usage. We expect a stable release shortly after the beta program finishes.

Although this is a commercial player the Xibo project and Spring Signage are committed to improving the existing Xibo for Windows Player, as well as actively developing our player for Linux.