Xibo for Linux has arrived

Xibo for Linux has arrived

The long-awaited Xibo for Linux player has been released!

At Xibo, we are committed in our mission to break down the barriers and enable digital signage for everyone, and we've continuously developed our open source offering alongside the Xibo customer community. We are very proud to launch the first release of this player, adding yet another option for our customers, to bring to life their digital signage.

Our partnership with Canonical and Snapcraft

To create a great experience, Xibo teamed up with Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, and Snapcraft, the app store for Linux. By by distributing our Linux player as a snap, we are able to offer a simple, dependency-free installation, as well as the potential for automatic upgrades in the future, and it works across any distribution or version.

We will be continuing to work with Canonical and Snapcraft to bring you further insights on the development, launch and partnership which includes some insightful webinars, so keep your eyes open for more information.

Getting started with Xibo for Linux

As with every Xibo digital signage implementation, you need three things; a display, the Xibo Content Management System (CMS), and, one of Xibo's software players (Xibo for Linux in this case). When using Xibo for Linux you will likely also need a player device, to install the player software and connect to your display.

As an open source offering, Xibo for Linux is completely free, it's natively built for the Xibo CMS, which when you install on your own servers and is completely free, or combine with Xibo cloud hosting.

Get Xibo for Linux directly from the snap store to get started. You can find all the details on supported features on our website.

The Xibo for Linux installation guide is the best place to start, and of course please do engage with Community and use our knowledge base if you have questions.

Combining Xibo for Linux with Cloud

Managing your digital signage network can be a challenging and costly undertaking, however, by bringing together Xibo for Linux with our Xibo in the Cloud solution is a powerful and very cost effective combination!

Xibo in the Cloud has been built specifically for Xibo digital signage, and is kept in peak performance by our expert team round the clock. You can get started in less than 10 minutes, and with Xibo in the Cloud one-click or automated CMS upgrades are available, plus custom domain options. And to top it off, our expert support team are here for you, if you need some help, included in the cost.

You can choose to host in our UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia, or USA locations, keeping your content close to you.

It costs $1.70 per display slot per month, and can be purchased directly from our shop ... bargain, right?

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our video on Xibo in the Cloud, and start a free trial.


We'd love to accept contributions to this players development, whether that be by fixing a bug or implementing one of the missing features. The repository is available on GitHub, as is the Contributors Licence Agreement.

Staying up to date

Of course, our blog is a great way to keep up to date, as is our Community.

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