Xibo for Ubuntu Alpha Discontinuation Notice

The Xibo Project has been working towards a cross platform Player for Windows and Linux for some time and had hoped that our Xibo for Ubuntu Python Client would meet our goals.

Unfortunately the Python Player development has been fraught with problems and limitations which has brought us to the difficult decision to discontinue development and seek another solution.

We are working on the roadmap for 1.8, which will include work for a cross platform client to replace both the alpha release of the Ubuntu Player and the Windows Player. This development will take some time and we do realise that users of Xibo for Ubuntu will be restricted to 1.6 until this development can take place.

We have taken every effort in 1.7 to ensure that existing 1.6 players will continue to connect and receive content – for the Ubuntu Player this will be restricted to the core image and video based media types.

We are looking forward to the future of a cross platform Windows and Linux player and will bring this to you all as soon as we can.