Xibo for webOS 1.8 R11 Available

Xibo for webOS 1.8 R11 Available

Spring Signage are pleased to announce Xibo for webOS v1.8 R11. This release works with Xibo CMS version 1.8.3 onward.

This release contains 9 improvements:

  • The "Connect to CMS" options will stay on screen until manually dismissed or saved, instead of timing out
  • XMR will reconnect reliably if it becomes disconnected
  • Player will obey the logging level configured in the Display Settings
  • Fixed "Unable to read property" error shown repeatedly in the logs
  • Fix a problem with the splash screen not showing correctly on Displays with portrait orientation
  • Unplayable Videos will be skipped instead of sitting at a black screen
  • It is now possible to configure key locks to block the operation of on-monitor keys and remote control keys
  • The Mac Address of the in use interface will be reported
  • Opening the application triggers an update of all Widgets immediately as opposed to waiting for the first collection.

Download Xibo for webOS R11.

Instructions for upgrading from an earlier release can be found in the FAQ at the end of the installation guide. It’s also well worth having a look at the Knowledge Base.

If you have a white label build of the application it is available in your account.