Xibo for webOS on Transparent OLED!

Xibo for webOS on Transparent OLED!

Unique digital signage solutions unlike any other!

LG’s System on a Chip (SoC) digital signage solutions have been constantly evolving. Their webOS devices push the limits of what you can achieve on a single hardware device, without the need for peripherals. It was because of this that Xibo designed and released a dedicated player in 2017 for this exciting platform. Since that first release, both LG’s webOS platform and hardware range have greatly expanded, with over 50 models compatible with the Xibo player. Combined with the Xibo for webOS player, you will always have the right solution for your digital signage.

Professional solutions for a new normal.

With such a large range of hardware solutions to choose from, LG’s webOS signage caters to all use cases. The only question is what would you like to achieve? Due to the coronavirus outbreak, digital signage has become an even more important tool for keeping customers and staff informed and safe. This has led many companies to increase their use of digital signage in a range of use cases.

Cutting-Edge technology: the power of oLED

Amongst the huge range of models are some truly groundbreaking solutions, unlike any other devices seen before. One of these technologies is oLED, a new breakthrough that has properties unseen in traditional digital displays and enables new features, such as:

  • Ultra thin and lightweight form factors.
  • Superior colour, contrast, brightness and viewing angles.
  • Convex and concave curvatures, beyond what is capable with traditional LCD panels.
  • Transparent units.

Recently LG's Frankfurt lab was able to test Xibo for webOS running on the 55EW5F, a 55 inch transparent oLED signage solution, less than a centimetre thick!

This model embodies the pioneering and unconventional traits of oLED: an ultra slim, lightweight display, that is transparent, eye catching and designed to push your digital signage to a new level. Such a unique hardware solution enables the user to create content on a "floating" display, which in itself will catch your audience's attention and create a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression.


The images show a mix of opaque and transparent content, both still images and video, which look fantastic. Especially powerful was the dramatic video of the paint slowly filling the screen, which you can see in the bottom left image. Imagine how this could bring life to your window displays, overlay an existing display or bring a once empty space to life with vibrant and dramatic imagery! A special thanks to LG for making this possible.

What will you do with your Xibo for webOS signage?

The digital signage landscape is ever-changing. With new use cases, locations and specifications increasing, informing your customer base, integrating your signage and standing out from the competition has never been more important. How will you take advantage of the new generation of revolutionary and unique hardware?

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