Xibo for webOS v2 R205 Available

Xibo for webOS v2 R205 Available

Xibo Signage is pleased to announce Xibo for webOS v2 R205. This release works with Xibo CMS version 2.0.0 onward.

Due to an issue that has been reported with the backlog protection functionality, please continue to use the R204 release if your LG device is running webOS 3.0/3.2

Fixes and Features:

  • Send screen resolution to the CMS.
  • License Check XMR command added.
  • Connecting the player to a CMS can now be completed using an authentication code.
  • Entering the CMS URL, Key and license pool can be automated using a JSON file.
  • Show/Hide CMS Key option on connect to CMS page.
  • Improvements to backlog protection for proof of play statistics.
  • Enhanced support for HTML widget that contains videos.
  • Improvements to Status page entries.
  • File download progress percentage and file ID on Status screen (webOS 4 and later supported models only).
  • Support for webOS 4.1 monitors.
  • Fix: Inside Download Window message incorrectly displaying.
  • Fix: Transitions issue when default direction is set.
  • Fix: Issue with Fly Transitions.
  • Fix: Scheduled events start from second in order.
  • Fix: Local Video Widget does not add texture attribute to webOS 4 models.
  • Fix: Time zone settings causing issues with scheduled events.
  • Fix: Status page unresponsive.
  • Fix: Player menus and Layout are misaligned after orientation change.

Download Xibo for webOS R205.

Instructions for upgrading from an earlier release can be found in the Upgrade Guide.

If you have a white label build of the application it is available in your account.

Improvements to player setup.

This release introduces two new methods for setting up your newly installed Xibo for webOS player:

Connect using an Authentication code.

After installing your player, you can now use the Use Code option on the connect to CMS page to generate an authentication key. You can then enter that key into your CMS to complete the setup of your player. Please see the installation guide for more details.

Automated credentials setup using a USB.

It is now possible to create a JSON file that will contain your CMS URL, Key and license pool email address. This method further simplifies setup, especially for USB installations. More information is available in this guide.