Xibo launches a new Channel Partner Programme

Become a Xibo Signage Channel Partner!

Would you like to represent the Xibo brand by becoming a Channel Partner? Apply now. https://xibo.org.uk/become-a-partner

We have launched our new channel partner programme, with three options; White Label Reseller, Distributor and Value-Add Reseller. Each option in the programme has been specifically designed for our partners. Using Xibo as a base for your own signage service can cut months from your time to market, allowing you to focus on your customer.

White Label Reseller

The White Label Reseller programme is ideal for partners who have a requirement to remove the Xibo brand from the product. By simply uploading your resources and requesting a build, you can be on your way to a branded digital signage offering. The White Label Reseller programme has a set-up fee of £300 GBP, which includes full branding setup, and enables a discount of 5% on standard prices.

Changing the branding of Xibo to suit your customer, business or organisation is easy with our platform. Simply upload your resources into our customer portal and request a build. You’ll still need to let your customer know that they are using Open Source software, ensure that you enforce a EULA at least as stringent as ours and be aware that you remain the licence holder of any commercial licences.


The Distributor programme is for you if you want a license to resell the Xibo products, whilst keeping and leveraging the Xibo brand. As a Distributor you will get access to discounted prices and be able to offer a compelling service to your customers. The Distributor programme has a set-up fee of £30 GBP, enables a discount of 12% on standard prices.

We have created the Distributor programme for partners who want to be licensed to resell the Xibo products and leverage the power and recognition of the Xibo brand.

Value-Add Reseller

If you have built strong experience and knowledge of selling the Xibo product set, and developed complimentary services then our Value-Add Reseller programme may be for you. Our Value-Add Reseller partners are tried and tested when it comes to Xibo Products, and deliver an outstanding service.

The Value-Add Reseller programme has been created for partner with extensive experience in digital signage, associated fields and preferably Xibo. Any applications to this programme will be assessed accordingly, and we may recommend prospective partners first join the Distributor programme.

Partner Assessment

Who we partner with and enable to sell our product is very important to us, we want to make sure that the end customer gets the best possible experience. Therefore we have set some key criteria and questions we will need, which every partner must meet to be accepted and continue to uphold throughout the period they act as a partner.

Key criteria we assess your application on:

  • Experience with Digital Signage.
  • Facilities (Website, Social Media Presence, Local business or other) to sell the Xibo product set
  • What other services do you offer customers. For example; content creation and design, installation, support.
  • Whether you currently sell other Digital Signage software, if so which ones.
  • Which countries you would like to sell Xibo products in.
  • Market verticals of focus. For example; Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Education.
  • Current projects your are working on, and would initially be using Xibo for.
  • Why you have decided to apply for the Distributor Programme
  • The number of customers you expect to sell Xibo to

For further information check out the Become a Partner Page or our Partner video