Xibo on Linux Outlaws

Linux Outlaws Album ArtWork on the cross-platform client is progressing well, however we want to make a few changes to libavg to allow it to display more types of media – most crucially web pages (and hence flash, java etc).

Fab and Dan from Linux Outlaws podcast very kindly put out a request for a C++/OpenGL coder to come forward and help us with the changes needed to make this happen at the end of episode 93.

I’ve been a long term fan of Linux Outlaws, and to get a mention on the show was great! It’s easily the best of the bunch out there for FLOSS news, reviews and humour. Thanks Fab and Dan.

Libavg does most of what we want already, but is missing a couple of important elements that would make it far more useful – the first of which is an integration with Gecko or Webkit so we can pull in external websites and browser-based plugins (flash, java etc). Libavg has a very rough outline as to how this might be implemented in their wiki https://www.libavg.de/wiki/index.php/Ideas_for_Expansion, but nobody has stepped up and written the code for it yet.

If you think you might have the skills and the time to help us out, please get in contact at info@xibo.org.uk