Xibo Server 1.2.0-rc1 Released

It’s an exciting time in the Xibo project. We’re gearing up to release Xibo 1.2.0 – the first release in the new stable series of Xibo releases.

1.2.0 will have several new features, both under the hood and in the user interface.

1.2.0-rc1 is designed to let as many people as possible test the new code so that 1.2.0 can be as bug-free as possible. We encourage as many people as possible to clone their Xibo database and test the new code on the copy. Full details are available in the Release Notes.

Please do read the release notes – they contain important information on the upgrade and information about known problems. If you haven’t taken part in the 1.1 series testing then it would also be worth looking at the release notes for those releases too as they detail all the changes from Xibo 1.0.6 to date: (Release Notes 1.1.0 | Release Notes 1.1.1)