Xibo, trusted by... who?

Xibo has grown enormously over the last 3 years and the project now enjoys more community involvement and more installations than ever before.

We want to build on these achievements and convince even more people to adopt the “Signage for Everyone” software solution that is Xibo. We feel that to do this we need to make Xibo more marketable and easier to “access”.

The first part of this work is now live, and you are reading it! The website has been redesigned from the ground up to provide Xibo information in an easy to use understandable way.

The second part is something we need help with – showcasing individuals, organisations and companies that use Xibo. We would like to run a scrolling ticker of company logos on the front page under a “trusted by…” heading.

We’d love to hear from anyone that would be willing to have their name put to Xibo – just email a 200x200px PNG logo to info@xibo.org.uk.

Any comments about the website re-design are also welcome on twitter @xibosignage or on Launchpad Answers.