New User - Onboarding wizard in v3

New User - Onboarding wizard in v3

Last week we looked at Features and Sharing settings to control access and interaction for users. Part 12 of the quick wins series looks at creating new users to the CMS using an easy to use Onboarding Wizard.

New Users can be easily added to the CMS using an Onboarding Wizard available in v3! Select from one of the available pre-configured User Groups to suit the role of the User to add...

New User Display Groups

...provide the User Credentials to create a login for the User to access the CMS...

User Credentials

...assign a Folder to easily give access to the User objects needed right from the start!


On saving, the User will be created and will inherit the enabled Features of the User Group so that they can only access the relevant parts of the CMS in order to undertake their User role!

Further information on adding new Users can be found here: User Administration

Please note: The onboarding wizard and pre-configured Groups are available for new v3 installations and for users who upgrade to v3 who have not previously utilised User Groups in earlier versions!

Up next...a look at User Groups!

To take full advantage of all the v3 features, upgrade to the lastest version of the Xibo CMS. Read our Xibo v3.0.2 Release notes for further information and upgrade today!